Lead people in a growing

& wider relationship with

Jesus Christ.

Taking the opportunity to participate in ministry allows us to immerse ourselves in the life of our parish community.

Experience heartfelt service, being the hands of Christ to others, an opportunity to help people encounter God in today’s world, through acts of service, right where they are at.




Vestibule of Church

Parish Office: (562) 921-6649

Open after all Weekend Masses

Adoración Nocturna

Contacto: Mario & Olga Anguiano 

First Friday 9:15 A.M. – Saturday 7:15 A.M.│in the church 

Adult Confirmation

Director: Christina May 

e-mail: cmay@stlinus.org

(562) 921-5179

Altar Server Coordinator

Contact: Christina May


Religious Education Office:
(562) 921-5179

English: Imelda Manalac 

Spanish: Deacon Ruben Sainz 

Parish Office:  (562) 921-6649

Because We Care Ministry

Contact:  Ana Engquist in the Parish Office

(562) 921-6649


Imelda Manalac
(562) 404-6145

Bible Study-English

Contact:  Barbara Fries

(562) 926-1770

Tuesday│8-9 P.M.│Room 8

English:  Sion Ferrer
Spanish: Olga Hernandez

(562) 921-6649

Every Third Monday of the Month │7 P.M.│church


Parish Office: (562) 921-6649

Couples for Christ

Contact:  Sonny Berberabe

(562) 921-6649

Contact: Fred Lopez II 
Parish Office: (562) 921-6649

Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial

Contacto:  Mauro & Juanita Gonzalez


Yvette Ortiz

Fred Lopez II

Parish Office: (562) 921-6649

Contact:  Rey Factoran

(714) 670-8788

Contact:  Cecy Groom 

(562) 921-6649

Golden Age Club

President: Richard Contreras

(562) 929-1670

3rd Sunday | 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM | Hall

Grupo de Oración

Contacto:  Olga Hernandez

(562) 278-4686

Wed.│7-9:00 P.M.│Hall


Contacto:  Patricia Mesa

(562) 412-3012

Cada Jueves│7 P.M.│Gr. 8

Knights of Columbus #10623

Grand Knight:  Francisco E. Lopes

Parish Office: (562) 921-6649

2nd Tues.│7:30 P.M.│Hall

Legion of Mary

Contact:  Sylvia J. Layao

(562) 404-1174


Tues.│5-6 P.M.


Liturgy Committee

Director: Fr. Ambrose Udoji

(562) 921-6649

e-mail: frambrose@stlinus.org

Lector Ministry 

Spanish Lector Coordinator: Danny Elias
(562) 964-3213

English Lector Coordinator: Jason Amansec
(562) 547-1261
e-mail: jasonamansec@gmail.com

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

English Eucharistic Minister Coordinator: Imelda Manalac
(562) 404-6145

Spanish  Eucharistic Minister Coordinator: Sue Ellen Rojas
(562) 260-7175

Mass Captains

Mass Captain Coordinator:
Christina May

Mass Captains

5:00 PM Vigil – Oliver dela Paz & Larry Aguillera

7:00 PM Vigil Sue Ellen Rojas

8:00 AM Gloria Jones & Rachel Witt

10:00 AM Tom Lapidario & Tom Yokoyama

12:15PM Danny Elias

5:00PM Marc Mallari & Lizeth Perez


Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

Ministry to the Sick


Mother of Perpetual Help Novena

Contact: Imelda Manalac

(562) 404-6145

Tues.│7:00 P.M.│Church

Music Ministry Director

Contact: Mauricio Centeno

(909) 753-9996

Contact:  Sonny Berberabe, Chairperson 

Parish Office: (562) 921-6649

Sal de la Vega (English)
(562) 522-6628 e-mail:

Juanita Roman (Spanish)
(562) 480-5601
e-mail: juana.romanpm@gmail.com

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the church for Adoration after the 8:30AM Mass till 2PM, Monday through Friday only.
The chapel will be closed until further notice.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Contact: Mary Ratanasurakam

(951) 500-0787

Last Monday | 6:30 P.M. | Par. Off.

Respect Life Ministry

Contact: Terri Alvarez

(562) 562.760.5511

3rd Thursday| 7:00 P.M.

Religious Education

Director:  Christina May

(562) 921-5179 Office

Safeguard the Children

Contact:  Parish Office

(562) 921-6649

Contact: Imelda Manalac

Parish Office: (562) 921-6649

1st Fri.│6:30 P.M.│Church

St. Linus School

Principal:  Thu Do 

(562) 921-0336 Office


Usher Ministry

Daily Mass Usher Coordinators: Terri Alvarez, Larry Hart and Fred Lopez II

Sunday Mass Usher Coordinators: Robert Garcia and Larry Hart 

5:00PM Vigil: Larry Hart

7:00PM Vigil:  Jorge Gonzales

8:00 AM:  Terri Alvarez

10:00 AM:  Robert Garcia

12:15 PM: Javier Escobedo


Weddings & Quinceañeras

(562) 921-6649


Youth Ministry/LIFE TEEN

Youth Ministry:  Anthony Cerna “AC”


Email: linusconfirmation@gmail.com

Confirmation Coordinator:

Anthony Cerna “AC”