While not a sacrament, Quinceañeras will be discussed here.

The priests and parish staff are ready to assist you in preparing for your Quinceañera Mass. This information is designed to help answer some of your questions as you get ready for your special day.

To begin, you and your parents will come to the parish office and fill out an application form. You must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation or be attending preparation classes. You will need to bring proof of this. The date will then be set.

Scheduling: Quinceañeras are scheduled through the Parish Office.  Please call (562) 921-6649 for scheduling.

Donations and fees: The donation to the church is $400.00 of which a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to secure the Quinceañera date. Cost includes $100.00 coordinator fee.

Coordinator: Sue Ellen Rojas (562) 260-7175. Sue Ellen will conduct the rehearsal class and will be present to supervise the actual ceremony.

Music Coordinator: Contact the Parish Office (562) 921-6649. Music is an integral part of your ceremony, and it is expected that the parish musicians will be used. Discuss with the Parish Office any mariachis or family/friends you wish to have perform. It is recommended that you contact the Parish Office no later than four months prior to your Quinceañera date to plan the music and discuss the fee(s). Fees are as follow: Pianist and Vocalist $200.00; Piano or Organ $100.00; Vocalist $100.00; Microphone set up for outside musicians $50.00.

Flowers and decorations: Flowers and decorations for the church are your responsibility. If floral decorations are used on the pews, they must be secured by rubber bands or coated wire. No tacks, nails, staples, or tape of any kind may be used. Decorations to the pews must not block access to the aisles or pews themselves. If you do not already have a florist you may contact our church florist, Vickie Pino at (562) 618-6322.

Our liturgy team follows the church’s seasonal guidelines for the liturgical year, when decorating the church. Flowers, lighting, urns, banners and other materials are used at various times to enhance our celebrations. For this reason, you may not change or move around the décor within the church.

Photography: Photography and videography are permitted; however, it must be discreet and respectful of the church and not interfere with the flow of the ceremony. The photographer and videographer must remain in the designated locations in the sanctuary and choir loft. No extra lighting is permitted for either photography or videography.

Attendants: The number of escorts is limited to 14 couples not including parents and one set of God Parents/Padrinos. All must attend the rehearsal.

Rehearsal: Everyone must attend the rehearsal and must be on time. Attendants must have natural color hair, no facial piercings, and no visible tattoos.


Confessions are held weekly on Tuesday’s beginning at 6:30 PM. Please refer to the bulletin, or our website Mass Schedule for any time changes.

Ceremony: Everyone involved in the ceremony must arrive 30-45 minutes before the scheduled time. The liturgy will begin promptly at your scheduled time.

Musician Fees– Please click here for musician information.